Overal Objective

Average of 10% increase in people who watch, read, or engage with 凯发网站登录 content offerings per quarter (includes views of YouTube videos + views of websites containing educational/informational content).

凯发网站登录 is committed to expand its informational and educational offerings to become the “go-to” resource for government retirees in North Carolina.

This will allow retirees to see 凯发网站登录 as even more valuable to their lives and see the multitude of benefits of being a member of 凯发网站登录, beyond only advocacy for COLAs and other retirement benefits.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Design New Educational Content to Address Needs of Member

  • Produce ongoing and relevant content on the following schedule through Summer 2022:
    • Benefits Information: Monthly
    • Legislative Information: Continue existing weekly video updates

Develop Channels for Sharing Content and Opportunities

  • 10% quarterly increases in total views of 凯发网站登录 educational/informational content (includes views of YouTube videos + views of webpages containing educational/informational content)

Leverage Partnerships to Increase Reach and Breadth of Content

  • First annual calendar of joint call-in events with partner agencies created by Q2 2022
  • At least six instances of 凯发网站登录 content shared through partner channels annually
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